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How long does take to get my work permit and green card ( through marriage ) after filling out all the forms for USCIS. I just filled out all the forms required and sent them to Chicago.

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Timing Of The Affirmative Asylum Application Process |

If you have filed an affirmative application for asylum in the U. but not in removal or deportation proceedings), you may find yourself waiting for years for an interview date and decision.

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USCIS increases the validity of work permits from one year to two years. Asylum applicants can apply for a work permit 150 days after filing their petition.

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As an asylum applicant, you are allowed to work in the U. if: (1) you were granted asylum (or received “recommended approval” for a grant of asylum), or (2) you had applied for asylum at least 180 days ago and still have not received an initial decision

Can An Asylum Applicant Work In The United States?

Asylum applicants cannot apply for work permits at the same time as filing their asylum applications. Rather, they must wait 150 days from the date they filed their properly completed original asylum applications. If you are still in the process of adding supporting documents to your application, it is not considered completed, and you may not request authorization to work while your asylum application is pending.
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Can Asylum Applicants Get A U.S. Work Permit? -

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