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The wait time for a visa can vary greatly, but following the government'. s instructions and being prepared can get you into the United States faster.

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Alien Victims Of Severe Forms Of Trafficking In Persons.

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RM 10211.530 List Of Documents Establishing Lawful Alien ...

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Chapter 7: T Visa Relief {107} - Kind

Victims Of Trafficking And Violence Protection Act Of 2000


8 CFR 214.11 - Alien Victims Of Severe Forms Of ...

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The T nonimmigrant status (also known as the T visa) was created to provide immigration protection to victims of a severe form of trafficking in persons. The T visa also allows victims to
t visa, t.

Victims Of Human Trafficking

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§ 214.11 Alien Victims Of Severe Forms Of Trafficking In Persons ... - USCIS