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If you are an overseas entrepreneur planning on starting a business in the U. 2 Treaty Investors Visa may be the right visa for you. Contact a Chicago Immigration lawyer who has excellent record on helping businesses to getting their E.

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Are you an investor visa holder who is interested in living permanently in the U. 2 visa to green card options and find out exactly what the process is of going from an investor visa to lawful permanent residence.

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2 visa investment must be sufficient to establish or purchase a viable U. The immigration lawyers at Hodkinson Law are experienced in filings with the U.
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Find Out How We Can Get This Taken Care of Today. Working in the United States on an E2 Visa For many of our current and prospective clients, the E2 Visa functions as a pathway into the United States. After investing a substantial amount of funds into a US Business, clients become

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E-2 Visa For Treaty Investors In The U.S.: Who Qualifies ...

2 visa allows businesspeople from certain countries to work in the U. for a business in which other people from that country have invested.

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