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I Hold A Diplomatic Or Special/service Passport. Do I Need A Visitor Visa?

Foreign Government Official (A-2) - Hiexpat Korea

2 visa is granted to foreigners who perform official work of foreign governments or international organizations that are accepted by the Korean government. 2 Foreign Government Official visa if you are: a government employee employed for an offi .

A1 Visa, A2, And A3: Diplomatic Visas - LL.M. Law Group

List Of American Nonimmigrant And Temporary Visas

List of nonimmigrant and temporary visas permitting to work, invest, visit, study or perform training in the United States. 2, TN, TD, immigration, United States, USA, working permit, training, intern, visit, work, invest, study, nonimmigrant, visa, green card, citizenship, employee, dependent, spouse, children, Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California, attorney .

Visas For Diplomats And Foreign Government Officials